Nomination FunTech


Partner: FunCubator  a division of FunCorp, investing in startups of the FunTech industry.

We invite projects at the junction of entertainment and technology at the stage of the prototype or the launched product.

Having passed the selection in FunCubator, the projects will receive from 5 to 30 million rubles for business scaling and expert support.

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Application period until October 15.


Nomination for products and services created at the junction of fans and technologies. Especially interesting are the solutions in the following areas:

  • VR / AR / MR  all kinds of technological reality
  • Media and content  creation and consumption, incl. collective
  • Cybersport
  • Voice Assistants
  • Services for live broadcasts

We focus on early stage startups with global potential.


Apply for GoTech Contest before October 15, 2018, when submitting your GoTech application, select FunTech nomination.


  • Fun as the main value for the user.
  • High level of product virality and audience engagement achieved through emotions and communications opportunities.
  • The original idea — we are looking for more than just regular mobile games or copycats of other projects.
  • Only digital, mobile or any other modern platforms, no offline projects.
  • Focus on broad international audience, primarily digital natives — those who did not know life before the Internet.


  • 10 finalists will receive 2 tickets to the GoTech ARENA forum.
  • Best projects will get an invitation to FunCubator and an opportunity to attract investments.

99% of startups are trying to help people live longer and work less. But what people can do with all this free time? Have fun! We believe that FunTech is an industry that helps people spend their free time with vivid emotions and it is currently undervalued by VC and should be one of the engines of technological progress.

FunCubator invests in startups of the FunTech industry. The project FunCorp are the creators of one of the most popular in the US mobile entertainment service iFunny. The daily audience of FunCorp products is 4 million people. During the acceleration, selected projects receive investments, unique knowledge and the ability to test hypotheses on a multi-million audience.


Victor Zakharchenko

Managing Partner, FunCubator

Almas Abulhairov

Head of Analytics, FunCubator

Mikhail Kalashnikov

Head of Product, FunCubator

Alexey Karlov

Founder of Angel Relations Group

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+7 (911) 15 47 121