In 2016 IIDF invested 120 mln rubles in GoTech winning project

Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF) invested 120 mln rubles in GoTech winning project - Antilatency. 

In 2016  IIDF invested 120 mln rubles in GoTech winning project

The company is focused on preventing image delays in virtual reality glasses and helmets. Antilatency will use the investment to finance their international expansion. According to the industry experts, biggest players in this market, such as Google and Oculus are currently focused on solving the same issue.

"Ъ" have reported that IIDF will invest 120 mln rubles in Antilatency, this information has been confirmed by a co-founder and CEO of Antilatency, Andrey Desyatov. The Fund will get 22.5% of company shares while controlling interest still belongs to the founders - Andrey Desyatov and Petr Sevostianov. That puts the company at a valuation of over 533 mln rubles.

Antilatency team have come up with a new system that allows detecting user’s position (anti-latency tracker). This compact modular device is attached to VR-glasses or a VR-helmet and helps to detect user's movements and location. Company's algorithms allow predicting user’s coordinates 30 milliseconds in advanced. As a result of that, image delays that users experience with other types of tracking systems can be avoided. That helps users to avoid dizziness and disorientation.

IIDF’s investment will be used to for launching the ALT system globally. Antilatency team is now focused on finalizing the prototype and launching three produces: aimed at developers, at business clients, and at direct consumers. B2C price starts at $99, B2B price starts at $999.

“We are planning to launch tracking solutions for VR-parks. It’s a B2B market, and here we are predominantly looking at the Chinese market and other Asian markets. For our ultimate goal we are looking at the B2C market and here we have our eyes set on the USA. In June we are launching an office in the states. Europe comes third on our list of priorities” - shares Mr. Desyatov. Antilatency is one of very few Russian hardware developers for VR/AR solutions. According to Ilya Frolov, IIDF portfolio manager,  the product is being monetised and have already proven to be profitable.


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