The winner of the GoTech new nomination will participate in the creation of a truly flexible robotic production process

Startups and teams of developers that are focusing on robotics, AI, and machine learning solutions can now take part in the Robotics & AI pitch-session during the GoTech forum.

The winner of the GoTech new nomination will participate in the creation of a truly flexible robotic production process

Shortlisted startups will be invited to participate in the creation of a fully automated production process together with the event partners: Tra Robotics and Reflexia. The winner will get an invite to participate in the TechCrunch Disrupt in Berlin.

Total of 10 startups from the following areas will be shortlisted to participate in the pitch-session:

  •         Robotics;
  •         Artificial Intelligence;
  •         VR | AR;
  •         Computer Vision;
  •         Big Data Analytics;
  •         Multi Agent systems;
  •         Generative design, additive manufacturing;
  •         Self-driving vehicles;
  •         Electric cars.

Application deadline September 17. Apply on the GoTech website

“Here in Tra Robotics, we are creating a truly flexible production technology that understands and executes any new product design or configuration. All that is done in real time, there is no need to change the arrangement of the production process. Startups that are interested in launching a pilot project and learning ins and outs of flexible production would gain a lot of valuable insights from meeting our team” - shares Rodion Shiskov, CEO Tra Robotics.

Pitch-session will take place at the GoTech forum in Moscow on October 12. Apart from the Robotics & AI pitch-session forum also includes sessions for startups in FunTech, Digital Farming, Robotics and VC Pitch, presentations of startups working in Machine Learning, Big Data, AR | VR, IoT in front of representatives of venture funds and business-angels.

GoTech has earlier announced following nominations: «Beeline», «Kaspersky Lab», «Raiffeisen bank», Google, Dell EMC, IIDF, Finlanding and independent nomination GoGlobal where winners are selected by 100 experts from venture funds, corporations, business-incubators, and accelerators. The main criteria for the winner: will this startup dominate globally and make a remarkable success story?

GoTech forum will attract over 1000 participants to talk about creating global tech companies. Forum guests will be able to watch the competition finals and startups pitch-session, enjoy conference agenda and networking opportunities.


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