GoTech's 2017 Technology Project Contest is now open

Apply to participate in the 9th GoTech Technology Project Contest. This year, GoGlobal has been selected as the main Contest category. At least ten industry-specific tracks will be run on GoTech's grounds. Today, Beeline announced the opening of the first track, the Digital Experience. GoTech winners will have an opportunity to launch joint pilot projects in partnership with corporations, speak at European start-up forums, compete for funding, grants and other awards.

GoTech's 2017 Technology Project Contest is now open

One hundred experts from venture capitals, corporations, business incubators and accelerators will be selecting finalists in the independent GoGlobal category. Projects must meet the main criterion, i.e. having the potential to win the world and becoming a new legend.

In October 2017, 16 selected finalists will participate in the Start-up Battle on GoTech's main stage, delivering their presentations to 100 investors and reps from 300 companies. The winner will be presented with a pass to the world's leading start-up forums. In 2016, holders of single passes awarded to the winners of GoTech were invited to participate in the Web Summit, Slush, Seed Stars, Tech Open Air, Pirate Summit, etc. as well as in the Hack Temple (San Francisco) and Start Acceleration (New York) acceleration programs.

"GoTech has grown into an international event," says President of the GoTech Fund Irina Kalashnikova. "Today, we are building a partner network abroad to give GoTech's participants more opportunities to enter the global market. As for the winner of the GoGlobal category, judges will select a project, which, in their opinion, has the potential to emerge as a new global success story. In October, GoTech will gather founders of tech companies that once swept the global market as well as the creators of successfully developing start-ups."

The first GoTech 2017 industry-specific category was established by Beeline, an official Contest partner. Companies and developer teams that offer users a new level of mobile app experience (AR/VR requiring no wearable devices, geolocation, object tracking services, mobile and proximity payments, recognition technologies, loyalty programs, gamification and social networking solutions) are invited to participate in the Digital Experience.

From one to five winners are selected in this nomination. They will launch their pilot projects in the format of a joint product in partnership with Beeline.

Talking about Digital Experience, George Held, Vice President of the development of digital and new business units of the mobile operator Vimpelcom, said, "We are consistently improving efficiency of our business by introducing new technologies and digital devices. We not only create innovative game-changing products, but also support high-potential start-ups. We are inviting both established companies selling finished products and teams of developers/engineers working on their first prototype to participate in the Event. The developmental stage of the business model is not as important as the team of developers. We are looking for enthusiasts thrilled to launch a joint pilot project."

Go to www.gotech.vc to submit a participation application prior to September 8.

The GoTech Contest (known as "Web Ready" before 2015) has been held since 2009. During this time, it has attracted over 6,000 projects from 50 countries. Sixty-plus companies, i.e. every second project named a GoTech's finalist or winner in the past, received funding. The total amount of investment has exceeded RUB 2B. GoTech's nominees feature in the portfolios of Runa Capital, Almaz Capital, Altair Capital, IIDF, LETA Capital, Starta Capital, Phystech Ventures, Intel Capital, Maxfield Capital, the Untitled, Vestor.in, Sistema VC, Bright Capital, etc.


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