GoTech is a forum for technology entrepreneurs

GoTech is a forum for tech entrepreneurs. The Forum is the place where your project will gain exposure, attract resources and conquer the world!

Need funding?

In just one day, 100+ investors screening projects at various stages of development will see your startup. Attend a VC Corner session to discuss your project in private or take part in the GoTech startup contest to make a presentation on the Forum's main stage or at one of the pitch sessions. Past forum participants (in future they can be substituted with VC Corner participants or registered investors).




In search of clients or key partners?

More than 300 corporations hunting for new solutions and start-ups ready to launch their pilot projects attend GoTech. The most energetic participants will get to evaluate projects, establish their own nominations and scrutinise GoTech's participation applications.

Participate in the GoGlobal to grab the grand prize and receive a single pass to major global start-up forums. Select a category to launch a joint pilot project with a partner company, attract investments, and receive grants and awards.

Contest nominations

Want to conquer the world?

Among the Forum’s speakers are founders of tech companies that once swept the global market, and creators of ambitious start-ups. Get to know the opinion of people steering the technological development of Russia, and the world! How to think and act big? Learn what solutions large corporations are after. Find out what ideas venture capitalists are eager to finance. We pick the best cases and invite the masterminds behind them.



Corporations, development institutions and even representatives of sovereign countries take to the new Business Alley stage to describe the special conditions being created for Russian startups.

Profile and community recognition?

All GoTech's participants are enthusiasts of new technologies. They develop new solutions, bring them into production, roll them out to new markets, fund and support them. Do not miss the opportunity to introduce yourself to the Forum's community.

More publicity?

Visit the Forum's Press Corner to meet renowned journalists focusing on business, start-ups and investments and socialise with developers of projects to find topics of current interest and new heroes.

Dreaming of having an informal meeting with investors and partners of GoTech?

Come to our After Party!