Pitch Sessions of the HardTech Round contest participants

Rusnano Sistema SICAR, jointly created by Sistema JSFC and RUSNANO, has established a shortlist of startups that will continue to battle for a win in the HardTech Round contest, will be able to qualify for investments from the fund in the amount of up to $ 10 million and a cash prize of 1 million RUR in the nomination "The best idea".


Pitch Sessions of the HardTech Round contest participants

Also, the startups selected by the partner of the contest MTS for participation in the special nomination "Smart technologies for smart cities" were announced. The winner of the nomination will have the opportunity to participate in MTS StartUp Hub's corporate accelerator program to support, pilot and scale innovative technological startups.

Startups invited to the Pitch Session of Rusnano Sistema SICAR:

  • AGR 4.0 Information System
  • Astera.in
  • CERA Shelf
  • CPS Solutions
  • HUMAN+
  • InSize
  • Mirow
  • Orion System
  • ReaLife3D ARTour

Startups invited to the Pitch Session of MTS:

  • Cluster
  • Djinn Sensor
  • ICM Platform
  • Kinian
  • M1 Messenger
  • Mastakey
  • Nodis’ TruTint
  • Nuvap
  • Orion System
  • RuGadget
  • Sputnik.systems
  • Thingenix

A number of startups have already participated in the Pitch Session of Rusnano Sistema SICAR following the first iteration of the evaluation of applications:

  • Action Recognition
  • AgroBot
  • Combustion catalyst
  • Copenhagen Sense
  • Heat conducting polymer composite
  • Heptasense
  • i-TOR
  • Method for increasing the efficiency of heat exchangers
  • Mufta NSK
  • Nest Lab
  • Production of borosilicate microspheres
  • Thingenix
  • VOCORD NetCam.AI
  • VR Concept
  • Zinoferr

A total of 430 applications were received from 28 countries and 127 cities, including more than 80% from Russia and about 14% from Europe, the CIS, the USA, Canada, Israel.

HardTech Round was initiated by Rusnano Sistema SICAR with the support of Sistema JSFC, RUSNANO Group and PJSC MTS. The operator of HardTech Round is GoTech.

About Rusnano Sistema SICAR

Rusnano Sistema SICAR is a private equity & venture capital fund with $100 million under management established by Sistema and RUSNANO in August 2016. The fund was set up for a seven-year investment period that may be extended, and is open to outside investors. The fund's investment focus is the technology sector. The average single investment size is $3-20 million for growth-stage companies or late venture stage companies with working products. At the end of 2017, the fund had invested $16 million, including in Apis Cor, a developer and manufacturer of unique 3D printers for the construction industry, GEOSPLIT, a developer of an innovative system for the monitoring of oil-producing well inflow profiles, as well as other companies.

The fund’s website: www.rss-fund.com


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