Raiffeisenbank is planning to launch a pilot project with the first winner of GoTech 2017

On September 18 first winner of the GoTech startup competition 2017 was announced. Psychea became the winner of the FinTech nomination based on the results of the pitches in front of top management of the Raiffeisenbank.

Raiffeisenbank is planning to launch a pilot project with the first winner of GoTech 2017

Psychea helps banks to profile their clients based on psychological types tropic and to build more effective communication with every group. The team will now launch the pilot project with the Raiffeisenbank and also join the final round of selection for the Elevator Lab accelerator (Austria) on September 20th. As a result of this selection, 5 startups will be selected from the pool of 15 finalists. They will be offered financing and an opportunity to launch a pilot project with the Raiffeisen bank group.

Andrey Popov, head of IT and a Board member of Raiffeisenbank shares about the competition and winner selection process: “We are actively looking for innovations not only in Russia but also in other countries. We are an international company so any startup that works with us gets a chance to enter 14 markets where Raiffeisen bank is presented. Nomination winner will represent his project in Vienna on September 20th for a chance to be accelerated and launch a pilot with our entire bank group. I would also like to stress that quality of Russian startups taking part in the GoTech is really high”.

Psychea co-founder Alexey Murazanov talks about the project: “There aren’t many companies in the world that are focused on user-profiling and segmentation for banks. There are even fewer companies that offer an automated solution in this area. We work in automated mode, using direct observation of user behavior, analyzing big data. In 2018 we are planning to focus on technology that will allow detecting psychological type based user’s voice. This technology will use voice recognition and machine learning. We are hoping that the pilot project with Raiffeisen bank will help us to make a great step in this direction”.

There were a total of 143 startups from 28 countries that took part in the FinTech nomination. Ten startups including Pshychea were shortlisted and ranked highly by the innovation committee of Raiffeisen bank:

  • CheckU (Russia) – system compares customers’ photographs with their photo ID documents;
  • Cybertonica (UK) – cloud service for banks, payment systems and merchants which prevents fraud using machine learning;
  • FunPay (Russia) – service payment for purchases with the likes / shares from social networks;
  • GiniMachine (Belarus) – service which is fighting bad loans with AI;
  • Heedbook (Russia) – analyzes the quality of service and client emotions in real time using neural network in machine emotional intelligence;
  • Hoppin (Spain) – app which allows you to "program & pay" your online shopping by setting your own "hopes" (shopping rules);
  • PAY2U Geofencing (Russia) – geofencing solution providing such accuracy as iBeacons does without any hardware installation;
  • Prisma Campaigns (Uruguay) – marketing orchestrator designed for Banks.Campaigns based on predictive Machine Learning and message prioritization, taking omnichannel banking to the next level;
  • Rassrochka24.ru (Russia) – online service for the purchase of goods and services in installments without overpaying in online stores; 
  • Simple Invest (Russia) – mobile app for simple investing with AI robo-advisor which helps to manage your account to achieve your financial goals.

The selection process in other nominations and pitch-sessions is still going on. Results will be announced on October 12, during the GoTech forum in Moscow.

GoTech forum will attract over 1000 participants to talk about creating global tech companies. Forum guests will be able to watch the competition finals and startups pitch-session, enjoy conference agenda and networking opportunities. Serguei Beloussov (Acronis), Alexander Galitsky (Almaz Capital), Jane Gilson (Google), Marvin Liao (500 Startups), Dmitry Chikhachev (Runa Capital), David Yang (ABBYY), Yuri Gurski (Haxus), Nikolay Storonsky (Revolut) and many others have already confirmed their participation.


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