All the winners of the GoTech Contest 2018

On November 20 in Moscow, as part of the GoTech Arena forum, the final of the largest IT startup contest in Russia and Eastern Europe was held. 22 companies received awards in 12 nominations.

All the winners of the GoTech Contest 2018

The GoTech Arena forum was held under the motto of Founders are the new Rock Stars. The forum gathered more than 1000 participants: startups, investors, representatives of corporations and media. 300 companies and startup teams selected from more than 700 applications met 1-on-1 with potential investors and customers and gave presentations on several stages. The main program of the forum was held in English.

The final stage of the independent competitive Arena Pitch nomination took place on the main stage, where startups from Eastern Europe who have the potential to become success stories in the global market performed. The winner was the Uploadcare – an intelligent platform to speed up the download and delivery of content, which is already used by more than 700 B2B clients worldwide.

Uploadcare also took the first place in the New Retail nomination from Yandex.Market and took the special prize of this nomination - the investment proposal from the Untitled ventures fund. Second and third places among promising technologies for retail got StreetBee – in-store Data as a Service (DAAS) platform based on crowdsourcing and machine learning and Samplomat – automating the issuance of advertising FMCG-samples, excluding the human factor. The winners of the nomination received cash prizes in the amount of 100 000 rubles.

The best companies in the Digital Experience nomination from Beeline became Pharmmarket – a marketplace where pharmaceutical producers get direct access to small and medium-sized pharmacies and ParkWise – a map of the availability of parking places in real time and a forecast for the future. The winners will receive an offer to launch a joint pilot with Beeline.

Two nominees were awarded by the company Gazprom neft. They were Warden Machinery – machine vision based human behavior control and state monitoring for drivers, security and industrial applications and Mind & Machine – automation of the shift scheduling for employees of front retailers. The winners will be able to launch a pilot project with Gazprom neft and receive up to 500 thousand rubles for its implementation.

The Warden Machinery project also won the Robotics & AI nomination from Tra robotics and will be able to launch a joint pilot.

The winners of the Rostelecom nomination were Studyx – a SaaS-service of adaptive micro-learning for companies; Click-Storm – an e-sport platform for creating and participating in tournaments, creating teams and looking for team members and the Rosdomofon – the new generation of intercom as a service. All in all, Rostelecom continues negotiations on cooperation immediately with 25 companies participating in the nomination. As a result of negotiations, the winners and finalists will be able to launch the pilots and become a service provider for Rostelecom.

The best in the Dell EMC nomination was the SwarmDB project  a technology for building distributed replica architecture systems.

In the Logistics Challenge nomination 2 startups received awards: a robot operator of the Zvonobot call center and a platform for creating voice bots and assistants iVoice. The winners will be able to launch a pilot with FESCO  one of the largest private transportation and logistics companies in Russia.

4 startups were noted by the Russian-Finnish jury in the Finlanding nomination. Tickets for Slush and support in bringing products to the European market through Finland will receive: Eczo  a platform to build a wide range of Light Electric Vehicles, Cyberlit  an open platform for creating VR / AR solutions without programming skills, Hello Baby  assistant application for parents and Pharmmarket.

The winners of the Go Estonia nomination will receive support in starting up and developing business in Estonia, networking with European venture funds and tickets for the Estonian flagship conference Latitude59. The nomination winners were: Uploadcare (as a result, the company took 4 nominations), Sizolution  the AI solution for the online fit problem and UseDesk  a service for communicating with customers in all digital channels.

The best in the FunTech nomination from FunCubator were the first augmented reality glasses from Russia Mixar, Oyper  an AI based personal stylist and the world's first new generation kinetic plasticine Zephyr.

The special prize and investment offer from the AD.RU fund went to Stickeroid.AI, a cloud platform that allows you to convert words into stickers using machine learning.

On GoTech Arena 7 discussion, pitching and networking sites were working at once. Co-founders of Grabr Daria Rebenok and Anton Fedyaev, Ruthy Kaidar (Microsoft), Alexander Galitsky (Almaz Capital), Yuri Melnichek (MAPS.ME, AIMATTER, Bulba Ventures), Alexander Frolov (Target Global), Dmitry Ufaev (Bitfury), Dmitry Chikhachev (Runa Capital), Ruslan Zajdullin (Doc +), Alexey Gidirim (YouDo.com) and others gave talks. Almost 1000 individual meetings between startups and representatives of 70 funds and corporations took place in the Deal Room.


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