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Apply for GoTech Challenge and take benefits for your startup! GoTech is the largest contest in Russia and Eastern Europe known as Web&Tech Ready since 2009. It gathers tech companies, experts, investors, media and corporations interested in innovations. For startups we have it all: investor and corporate matchmaking, top media, pitching contest, workshops, networking with speakers and more. Hurry up to be nominated for the award in one of the following categories.

Nomination 2016


Roman Shaposhnik
Open source director at Pivotal
Dmitriy Chikhachev
Managing partner at Runa Capital
Dmitriy Kostygin
Chairman of the Board of Directors' Yulmart "
Igor Matsanuk
Stanislav Protasov
Co-Founder, Senior Vice-President of Engineering, Acronis
Pavel Bogdanov
General Partner at Almaz Capital
Inga Petryaevskaya
Director, New Business Development, Dell EMC, Saint-Petersburg development center
Nikita Ivanov
Founder of GridGain Systems
Thierry Cellerin
BuzzFactory Founder and CEO
Vera Shokina
Managing Director Silicon Valley Bank
Sergey Gribov
Flint Capital Partner
Eugene Nevgen
Founder & CEO MSQRD
Pavel Koshak
Gerenal director Palex
Dmitriy Dubograev
Managing partner
Yuriy Uskov
CEO iSpring
Eugene Barbashin
Head unit system technologies, Mariinsky Theatre
Sergei Arhipov
Corporate Head of Technology Partnership & Technology Transfer at Gazprom Neft
Aleksandr Ruchiev
The founder of the group of companies "Morton"
Igor Agamirzyan
Vice-president HSE
Aleksey Moiseenkov
Founder & CEO Prisma
Aleksandr Khanin
Founder & CEO VisionLabs
Aleksey Katkov
President Sistema Venture Capital
Konstantin Sinushin
Founder of the Untitled retail lab
Vartan Minasyan
Head of investment and innovation "Kaspersky Lab"
Aleksander Turkot
Founder Maxfield Capital
Dmitriy Chikhachev
Managing partner Runa Capital
Aleksander Egorov
CEO Reksoft
Konstantin Sinushin
CEO & CoFounder the Untitled retail lab
Vyacheslav Nesterov
General Manager, Dell EMC, Saint-Petersburg development center
Igor Bogachev
Vice-President, Executive Director of Skolkovo IT Cluster
Dmitrii Kalaev
CEO at IIDF accelerator
Aleksander Andreev
Founder and CEO SoftJoys, partner at Almaz Capital
Pavel Cherkashin
Venture investor at GVA Vestor.In Partners
Igor Ryabenkiy
Managing partner Altair.VC
Mikhail Averbakh
Managing partner at iDealMachine
Aleksander Semenov
President at «Korus Consulting»
Gennadyi Nissenbaum
Head of Export direction Google EU HQ
Ludmila Golubkova
Managing partner at Starta Capital Seed Fund
Aleksander Chachava
Managing partner at LETA Capital
Aleksey Basov
Vice-president at Rostelecom
Vartan Minasyan
Head of investment and innovation "Kaspersky Lab"
Lubov Simonova-Emelyanova
Petr Lukyanov
Managing partner at Phystech Ventures
Pavel Bogdanov
General Partner at Almaz Capital
Nikita Ivanov
Основатель GridGain Systems
Ilia Etko
Инвестиционный директор Sberbank Digital Ventures
Aleksandr Borodich
Основатель VentureClub
Maksim Nalskiy
Roman Shaposhnik
Open source director at Pivotal
William Shor
Managing Partner of Caspian Venture Capital Partners
Sergey Gribov
Flint Capital Partner
Eugene Nevgen
Основатель и CEO MSQRD
Marianna Svetlosanova
Aleksandr Lyskovsky
Founder Welltory
Aleksey Moiseenkov
Founder & CEO Prisma
Mikhail Taver
Managing partner Gagarin Capital Partners
Olga Avryasova
Head of "Artificial intelligence," Robotic center Skolkovo Foundation
Evgenii Barulin
Evgeniya Barchenko
Chairman of the Expert Council, Co-Founder GoTech
Roman Zharenkov
Investment analyst at Phystech Ventures
Askar Rakhimberdiev
CEO MoySklad
Andrey Yarnykh
Head of Strategic Projects at Kaspersky Lab Russia
Aleksey Grinenko
Investment analyst at IIDF
Sergey Galeev
CEO AddReality
Mikhail Kechinov
Executive Director at Michael Kechinov Studio
Aleksander Gorniy
CIO at
Artem Gordin
Senior Account Manager, Export Google
Vasiliy Sizov
Director of Software Development, Grid Dynamics
Inga Petryaevskaya
Director, New Business Development, Dell EMC, Saint-Petersburg development center
Ilya Kuznetsov
Innovation director at VimpelCom Eurasia
Mikhail Zhukov
Owner and CEO of "Mobilizator"
Maksim Braverman
Head of Google export development direction
Andrey Mima
Head of Prilka project
Aleksey Milevskiy
Investment director at Group
Vasil Zakiev
Founder at «Navigator Campus»
Artem Velker
СЕО WelkerMedia
Aleksey Kupriyanov
CEO at CommIT Capital, corporate venture capital arm of Rostelecom
Vyacheslav Semenchuk
Serial entrepreneur
Viktor Kozlov
Serial IT entrepreneur
Daria Stepanenko
Invesment manager at Kama Flow
Lubov Simonova-Emelyanova
Svetlana Vronskaya
Director, Marketing & Corporate Communications, KORUS Consulting
Sergey Vasiliev
Managing partner Starta Capital
Sergey Toporov
Investment manager at LETA Capital
Sergey Zaripov
Investment director at SKB Kontur
Yaroslav Shvetsov
CEO @ Digital Mission, region representative at KamaFlow
Aleskander Kazachyok
Investment manager at iTech Capital
Ilia Antipov
Co-Founder at RIS Ventures
Vasiliy Ryzhonkov
Director at Mobile technology center Skolkovo Fund
Iliya Petryaevsky
Founder and CEO Kogorta
Arseniy Gromov
Investment director, Rambler&Co
Aleksander Vidiborskiy
Senior Associate at Runa Capital
Vadin Kairov
Head of E-commerce Reksoft
Aleksandr Rumyancev
Venture investor
Andrey Mikhailuk
Head of product development at Social Discovery Ventures
Sergey Fradkov
Managing partner of iDealMachine
Vitaliy Kleban
co-founder, CTO - everynet Ltd.
Dmitriy Firskin
Chief Invstment Officer,
Aleksey Kalenchuk
Senior Consultant of Business-incubator "Ingria"
Andrey Gershfeld
Partner of Flint Capital
Natalia Chernyshova
Head of analytics department, Federal state-financed agency “Specialized center of accounting in the agricultural sector”
Artem Aliev
CTO InfoWings
Mikhail Fedorov
Owner at Plan B media,,,
Artur Gleim
General director of Ltd "Kvanttelecom"
Vasiliy Voronov
Managing director of Rosbank
Matko Znidaric
Acceleration Director NUMA Moscow
Mikhail Erman
Head of Business Incubator Higher School of Economics
Artem Kumpel
Vice President, Director of the Department and Lingvo Mobile ABBYY products
Eldar Krilov
Business analyst Burda Media Company
Konstantin Vinogradov
investment analyst Runa Capital
Sergey Maksimchuk
Alfa-Laboratoriya, Innovation team
Vitaliy Yanko
Marketing Consultant в ISDEF
Alexey Dmitriev
VP Engineering GridGain
Aleksey Blagirev
Innovation Director of Bank "OTKRYTIE"
Vadim Sukhomlinov
Intel, SDN/NFV Application Engineer, Software Solutions Group / Developers Relations Division
Anton Zadorozhnyi
M&A, B2B-Center
Sergei Dutov
Deputy Director for Innovation Reksoft


October 6, 2016: GoTech is a one-day conference for technology based businesses.

What is the agenda? In the age of globalisation and total digitalisation a “self-selling” product is already impossible. Issues of market entry, distribution of advanced projects, partner chain development and fast decision-making grow even more crucial than the superiority of characteristics among competitors.

Over 1,000 attendees, including technology companies, authorities, investors, students and mass media, gather at the same site to discuss ways for successful entry of innovative products to the market.


Since 2009 GoTech finalists and winners raised over $ 40M investment.

Join GoTech, and you will find yourself in a good company.


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