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We invite the participation of projects that have the potential for making the lives of smartphone users more exciting and comfortable by creating a unique experience and bridging the gap between the online and offline worlds.

More than 300 applications from startups and developer teams are accepted.

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Who is invited to participate?

  • AR/VR, no wearable devices required, e.g. Pokémon Go
  • Geolocation and precise tracking of object's movements, e.g. NFC-enabled supermarkets, Wi-Fi user tracking
  • Mobile/Proximity Payments
  • Gamification
  • Social networking, e.g. Instagram, Pinterest, WhatsApp
  • Face/object recognition technologies, e.g. MSQRD, SnapChat
  • Human traffic flow analytics
  • Loyalty programs, e.g. Wallet

Project requirements:

  • Unique features and hard-to-copy technology.
  • A working prototype must be ready for demonstration within 30 days of the application date.
  • The technology can be promptly integrated into enterprise databases; can be embedded in the iOS/Android mobile app; has its own API.

Since we are fascinated by unparalleled technologies and truly innovative ideas, we value prototype readiness and viability over fully developed business models. If you can come up with an awesome new solution and an excellent team thrilled to launch a product, we can create something really outstanding! 

Artem Musinov Director of digital products and innovation, "Beeline"


From one to five winners are selected in this category. They will launch their pilot projects in the format of a joint product in partnership with Beeline.


How are the winners selected?

  • Apply before September 10.
  • Representatives of Beeline will invite selected projects to take part in the expert session.
  • Based on its results and the results of application screening, up to eight projects will be shortlisted for the final round.
  • The finals will be held in the format of a pitch session (a 4-min presentation + questions from the audience) on October 12, on the fields of the GoTech Forum.

Beeline Experts


Vice President, digital development and new business

Artem Musinov

Director of digital products and innovation

Anna Morozova

Head of Department of innovation development

Nikolay Evchenko

Head of a portfolio of innovative projects

Filipp Mukhin

Senior Manager, Innovations

Igor Razgovorov

Director of the department of systems of support and integration

Evgeny Roldugin

Director of development and support of IT systems

Evgeniya Chistova

Manager of projects of corporate responsibility

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