MORTON Group of Companies and GoTech Foundation are looking for projects for Smart City

MORTON Group of Companies and the Russian Technical Society are launching new nomination Smart City at GoTech Challenge. The companies who set up technological projects and solutions for Smart City are invited to participation.

MORTON Group of Companies and GoTech Foundation are looking for projects for Smart City

MORTON Group of Companies and the Russian Technical Society are launching new nomination Smart City at GoTech Challenge. The companies who set up technological projects and solutions for Smart City are invited to participation.

Call for applications is open until September 11 at gotech.vc. On October 6, the selected projects will meet representatives of the MORTON Group of Companies and the Russian Technical Society at GoToMarket Forum in order to present their solutions, to conduct negotiations on their possible application to MORTON’s projects under construction.

MORTON is interested in finding smart technologies that may be applied in the course of construction and development of large-scale housing estates. We are looking for solutions which allow us to improve the urban environment in terms of automation of services for the residents, transport, security, housing and public utilities, and energy saving”, Yury Vasiliev, Vice President for International Relations and Innovation of the MORTON Group of Companies, Head of the Russian Technical Society, says. “The projects selected on the basis of the contest results will be considered for pilot testing in one of our microdistricts under construction. Besides, we are willing to offer joint entry into Russian and international markets for the best solutions.”

Projects in the following areas may take part in Smart City Nomination:

  • comprehensive IT solutions for Smart City (security, automation of the infrastructure, information systems for managing companies, collection and analysis of data on the district / city scale);
  • automated services and solutions for the residents (delivery of goods, storage of belongings, sharing, social networking, personalized medicine);
  • new technologies in the field of construction and development of land plots (construction and finishing materials, construction machinery and technologies);
  • management of housing and public utilities and networks, including energy saving technologies;
  • technologies for overhead public transport “Strela”/Arrow (energy accumulation and recuperation, safety, automatic control systems on transport, noise insulation of adjacent areas, services available for passengers);
  • formation of the favorable social and ecological environment (landscaping and planting, monitoring and improving of the ecology, the social environment).

GoTech Challenge 2016 consists of 2 general nominations: “Successful Business” and “Breakthrough Technology” and a number of joint programs with partners of the contest. The following project selection programs have been already announced along with Smart City Nomination: Google (universal solutions for users and businesses), Intel (IoT & Machine learning), Kaspersky Lab (Next Generation Security), ЕМС (Big Data & IoT) and the Untitled Retail Lab Foundation (Retail Performance). Among GoTech partners there are also Skolkovo Foundation, IIDF, ITMO University and the Moscow Exchange.

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About MORTON Group of Companies

The MORTON Group of Companies was established in 1994. Over 22 years of its history, it ranks among the top Russian developers (Forbes Rating “200 Russia’s Largest Private Companies”). The Group of Companies is specialized in building of large-scale housing estates in Moscow and nearest Moscow suburbs that are completely provided with the social and utility infrastructure for comfortable living, education and recreation. Currently, the MORTON Group of Companies builds and puts into service 1 million square meters of various-purpose real estate annually.

During the last 10 years, the MORTON Group of Companies purposefully expands the boundaries of its business by diversifying it and assimilating new branches which allow to implement the integrated approach in the field of construction.

The new trends include:

  • Designing;
  • Services (water treatment, water disposal, heating, management of housing and public utilities, etc.);
  • Manufacture of construction materials (HBF, autoclaved aerated concrete, composite materials, equipment and materials for water treatment);
  • R&D (development, search and promotion of innovative technologies, materials and projects).


Website: www.morton.ru     

About Russian Technical Society (RTS)

Russian Technical Society is a R&D partner of the MORTON Group of Companies. RTS is a managing company which develops and implements integrated technological projects of the Group of Companies and is constantly searching for new promising products and technologies. Currently, RTS is implementing more than 25 innovative projects in the following areas:

  • Smart City
  • Ecology and Environment
  • New Materials
  • Smart Energy
  • Smart Production

RTS actively collaborates with development institutions, higher education institutions, federal and regional authorities while promoting innovative technologies, working upon the regulatory framework modification and engaging additional funding for development.

One of the key tasks of RTS is entry of Russian innovative technologies into the international market (top priority regions: Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, Latin America).

Within the framework of GoTech Challenge, the Russian Technical Society for the benefit of the MORTON Group of Companies deals with selection, examination and funding of the best innovative projects on the topic of Smart City.

Website: www.technicalsociety.ru

About GoTech

GoTech is a foundation which is engaged in search for and development of technologies. GoTech structure includes the greatest in Russia and Eastern Europe contest of technology companies, GoToMarket Forum, a platform for acceptance and examination of startups AdvisoryBoard and acceleration programs arranged jointly with the partners. GoTech Challenge (until 2015 – Web Ready) has been participated by more than 4,000 projects from 150 cities and towns and 30 countries.

 Contact details:

Pavel Belov, GoTech Team
+7(921)-334-45-10 | p.belov@gotech.vc | www.gotech.vc


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