Which Russian Universities create the biggest number of IT-Entrepreneurs? Part two

The GoTech team researched the number of IT-Entrepreneurs per University and compared the number with data from the last year. Moscow State University, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and ITMO University are again leading this list.

Which Russian Universities create the biggest number of IT-Entrepreneurs? Part two

The team has analyzed university background of founders that participated in GoTech 2016 contest. All contesting team has to provide education backgrounds of their CEO, CTO, and CMO.

723 projects from 120 cities have taken part in GoTech 2016. The questionnaire was filled by over 14000 individuals that are taking key positions in their respective startups. 13% of them are currently enrolled in studies, 87% have already graduated.

Moscow State University, Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Bauman Moscow State Technical University and Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology have shown the biggest growth in a number of entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurial activity in St. Petersburg also remains high, with ITMO University and Saint Petersburg State University leading the list of universities by the number of IT-founders that they create.

In addition to universities in two Russian capitals, there are few universities from other cities that made it to top 20, including: Ural Federal University (number 6),Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University (number 11), Kazan Federal University (number 12), N.I. Lobachevsky State University of Nizhny Novgorod (number 13). 

Top Universities preparing IT-entrepreneurs according to GoTech contest statistics:

  1. (-)* Moscow State University (6,0% of all contest participants, / +0,7 % comparing to 2015**)
  2. (-) Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (4,7% / +0,6%)
  3. (-) ITMO University  (4,1% / +0,0%)
  4. (+1) Saint Petersburg State University (4,1% / +0,3%)
  5. (+3) Bauman Moscow State Technical University (3,7% / +0,7%)
  6. (-2) Ural Federal University  (3,3% / -0,7%)
  7. (-) National Research University Higher School of Economics (3,1% / +0,1%)
  8. (+5) Moscow Power Engineering Institute (2,1% / +0,6%)
  9. (-2) Saint Petersburg State Technical University (2,0% / -1,2%)
  10. (+1) National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute)  (2,0% / +0,2%)

* Number in brackets shows university's place change in the list, comparing to 2015 data

** Number in brackets after the name shows % of University representatives from all GoTech 2016 contest participants and change of that number, comparing to 2015 data.

Questionnaire data mentions over 200 Russian and international universities.

“Entrepreneurial activity in universities research - is a yearly research by GoTech team. We are constantly collaborating with different universities to promote the contest among their students. Participating in the contest allows students to get and expert evaluation of their startup, it gives them a chance to launch pilot products in collaboration with contest’ corporate partners and at the end of the day to actually create real companies which are ready to compete in the global market” - shared Irina Kalashnikova, GoTech leader.

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