GoTech is a forum for companies that create, implement, find and buy new technologies and solutions

Come to see the most mind-boggling start-ups on the same day in the same place.

To date, 6,000+ start-ups have participated in the GoTech Contest. Both brand new teams, which emerged last year, and legendary companies, whose solutions have already captured the market, come to the Forum.




The most promising projects with a good chance of becoming new ‘success stories’ shortlisted by the Expert Council will make presentations on the Founder Stage at the GoGlobal's final round.

Throughout the day, industry-specific pitch sessions will be held on the Pitches Stage. Do not miss the opportunity to attend the most fascinating tracks and gain access to the databases of registered projects.

Interested in establishing a new GoTech nomination or award? Looking to become a partner of the Forum or of a themed section?

Contact us! If you are an established company, come to GoTech to learn how to make your business more efficient. If you are a start-up, come to find investors and qualified teams to launch joint projects. GoTech’s PR managers promoting GoTech’s Contests stress that by becoming a partner of the Forum, you acquire the status of a corporate think tank!

In the past three years, among GoTech's partners were

Learn about the latest technology trends

Among the Forum’s speakers are founders of tech companies that once swept the global market and creators of ambitious start-ups.

Hear the opinions of people steering the technological development of Russia, and the world! How to think and act big? What products created today can change the global landscape of tomorrow? What new markets will emerge in the wake of technological development? Find out what ideas venture capitalists are eager to finance. What projects are corporations after? We pick the most interesting cases and invite their masterminds.


Want to speak and share your experience?

Recommend a topic and speaker for forum performance.

Join the participants of the VC Corner session

and hold dozens of confidential meetings in the Speed Networking format. In 2017, more than 350 projects were demonstrated at the VC Corner. Their developers held 650+ one-to-one meetings with investors and corporations.

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Participants of VC CORNER 2017

Corporations and participants of GoTech can run masterclasses for startups and students of technical universities or participate in an exhibition that will unfold on GoTech's new Business Alley stage.

Dreaming of having an informal meeting with investors and partners of GoTech?

Come to our After Party!