16 startups that will conquer the world: GoGlobal nomination finalists

September 22, finalists of the GoGlobal nomination of the GoTech competition were announced. GoGlobal represents a choice of a professional community: representatives of over 70 VCs, accelerators, corporations and successful startups take part in startups evaluation process. The main criteria for the winner: will this startup dominate globally and make a remarkable success story?


16 startups that will conquer the world: GoGlobal nomination finalists

This year over 700 companies and teams of developers from 40 different countries have applied to take part in the GoGlobal nomination.

Finalists in the alphabet order:

  • Aggregion (Moscow) - is building a global cloud platform for digital products processing to allow for putting together and control complex schemes.
  • bNesis (Tallinn and Warsaw) - service for supply chain companies allowing seamlessly connect own system to other systems, and automate data transfer between them.
  • Cybertonica (London) - we provide cloud service for banks, payment systems and merchants which prevents fraud using machine learning.
  • Droice Labs (New York and Saint-Petersburg) - brings the power of artificial intelligence to hospitals and helps clinicians make better decisions for individual patients.
  • Fabuza (Moscow) - simple and powerful tool that helps create an ideal customer experience.
  • Leadza.ai (Moscow) - AI assistant for Facebook marketers that helps optimize ads in 10 minutes per day by sending daily optimization tips.
  • Locomizer (London) - developed a unique location planning tool that tells advertiser where and when their target customers are spending time.
  • Mirow (Moscow) - interactive fitting rooms that boost fashion retail revenue using recommendations and enhanced shopping experience.
  • odgAssist (Saint-Petersburg) - we help companies to go in compliance with industry 4.0 an processes, which include hand made and quality control.
  • Pri-Num (London) - cloud-based platform to manage tokenized mobile transaction activities with payment systems and value added services providers through a unified interface.
  • Roistat (Moscow) - end-to-end business analytics system.
  • Skillaz (Moscow) - ultimate preselection platform, includes robotic processing of job boards, social media and digital evaluation of candidates with analytics (machine learning).
  • Streetbee (Moscow) - online platform for conducting distributed studies based on crowdsourcing and deep machine learning.
  • Thingenix (Moscow) - a universal data collection and analytics system for wide range of sensors.
  • Tvori (Saint-Petersburg) - a simple way to create and share 3D art using Virtual Reality.
  • Wallet (Saint-Petersburg) - all-in-one app: all cards aggregates in Wallet.

During the GoTech forum on October 12 in Moscow, investors will get a chance to set individual meetings with the finalists at the VC Corner platform. Guests will be able to watch their pitches on the main stage during the Startup Battle.

The selection process in special nominations and industry-specific pitch-sessions is still going on.

The forum agenda will be dedicated to global business and technologies and will gather over 1000 participants. Guests are to expect the competition finals, big conference agenda and lots of networking opportunities. Serguei Beloussov (Acronis), Alexander Galitsky (Almaz Capital), Jane Gilson (Google), Marvin Liao (500 Startups), Dmitry Chikhachev (Runa Capital), David Yang (ABBYY), Nikolay Storonsky (Revolut) and others have already confirmed attendance.


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